Monday, August 4, 2008

Interests are coming crashing together

Pueraria montana

If you haven't been to the American South in late July and early August, you probably don't know the distinctive, grape bubblegum smell of kudzu. The stuff that makes trees along the roadside look like Snuffaluffagus.
We've been biking a lot lately and so I've been seeing, and smelling, kudzu a great deal. It's a fascinating thing, kind of scary, like "the thing" (it grows up to 3 feet a day and according to Frommer's caused the only known plant-induced baseball game delay). But it's also quite pretty in bloom (sort of looks like lupine, I think) and the leaves have a pretty heart shape, while the runners turn into these intricate corkscrews.
Anyway, these images are sort of calling to me to design a sweater around them this fall. Just stitchwork, or maybe colors, or maybe both?

All the other projects are still chugging, slowly, so pics later in the week I guess.

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