Thursday, February 19, 2009



  1. Those colours are really nice. I love the way you have your kitchen set up for the dyeing. What are you going to use them for/

  2. Thanks - our kitchen is completely awesome for many things. I managed to do all this dying and not make a mess, I was amazed.
    I had one colorway I meant to do that I ran out of yarn for - brown/gold/green/purple. Next time, I guess.
    I don't know what to use them for - they silk and wool are skeins of 440 yds, so each would make one pair of socks and the merino would make great contrast yarn in a fair isle or Lopi type sweater, each skein is 220 yd. I was flirting with selling them, but I haven't yet set up a Paypal account and the dye lots are small and I rarely get time to dye, so I'm not sure.
    My favorite is the pink and gold and red - looks like a flamingo drinking a tequila sunrise.