Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stalled out shawl idea

I have a date with Barbara Walker to see if I can't design a nice shawl for my pumpkin Gloss and the orange beads to go with it. Maybe something with a frame design around the outside with a leaf design in the middle?
My crazy socks are nearly done, and I'll take some snaps of that yarn tomorrow, something that looks less Grateful Dead. I'm flirting with selling it, but I have so little time to do any dying and since I usually want to play, my dye lots would be so small and infrequent as to make me a poor source of supply, I fear.
Oh, and I'm working, slowly, on the Dragon mitten pattern. This will include instructions for child's medium, woman's small/med and woman's med/large. I wanted the pattern to reverse on the right and left hand, since it's pretty pictorial, but wanted to put out my own eyes at the thought of re-charting the second hand. That's what Adobe professional is for - I discovered I could rotate the picture on it's axis and flip it again. Only now, all my row and stitch numbers were backwards. I then figured out I could dump the pdf back to an image file, cut out the pattern part and paste it back onto a copy of the first mitten, using the right way round numbers of the original.
One small victory for the spacial-relations challenged and lazy! More tomorrow.

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