Thursday, February 5, 2009

Things that are slow in coming

Okay, writing up patterns is slow going for me. Kind of obsessive work. But I'm posting a link to the latest one - it's for the Linen Stitch Pullover. Yarn or Death asked if I had a larger size and I said "no", but I'm happy to write it for anyone not my size who will send me measurements. I'll add that disclaimer to my pattern widget. So what's new? I'm working on coming up with a new shawl pattern for silk/wool and glass beads. I think this one is going to have leaves in it somehow. The yarn isn't quite this bright in real life; more dignified. It's Knitpicks Gloss fingering "pumpkin".
Also, here's an old favorite of mine - Cable and Stockinette Pull from Reynolds sometime around 1995, knit in Knit Picks Andean Silk. I love the finished sweater, but I find I fight with this pattern every time I knit it (this is my third time). This time I've just gone off on my own with the cable part - the pattern as written doesn't work at all. I promise it's more interesting once I get further along.


  1. I like the orange. I just started dyeing and am watching color more on tv and magazines. Barefoot contessa on food network had a floral arrangement with pink and orange, it was gorgeous. The orange looked a lot like yours.

  2. Thanks - I like it a lot. Wouldn't it be nice to have her (BC's) kitchen?
    I find I like orange and red and yellow more as I get older. By nature I'm a "Nordic palette" gal - blues and green and purple. I had heard that people tend more towards yellows as they age and I just did a little research and apparently it's true Reference: "Physiological Principles for the Effective Use of Color", G. Murch, IEEE CG&A, pp. 49-54, Nov., 1984 and
    Anyway, I'll have a swatch to show soon!