Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cat in the Hat scarf

So, when I was a kid, the book The Cat in the Hat really bothered me.  The chaos, the mess, the lack of calming parents . . . . but most of all, the fact that he turned all that snow pink.  Just seemed wrong to me.  Growing to adulthood has taught me not to hate pink.
So here's my CitH scarf - light on beads (I used both size 6 and 8 here) and using doubled Alpaca Cloud on size 3 needles.  Now honestly, I've always found pure alpaca to be a pain to knit with -- too slick, no resilience, too easy to drop stitches.  This isn't so bad, but the doubling does mean you need to watch what you're doing.  But it's kind of pretty I guess, it's an accessory scarf: the kind you wear inside with an outfit rather than something you wind around the neck for warmth.  I can see doing it in green or red for the holidays, very quick and not hard as a gift or something.

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