Monday, November 23, 2009

Kauni jacket snaps

Funny, usually I feel like my pictures don't do the yarn justice in terms of intensity of color.  Not so with Kauni.  I started the edging with two balls, then swapped to the other 2 balls to get a nice divide of body/edging.  I plan to do the same on the cowl neck and sleeves, probably not the same placement though.
I hemmed and hawed forever about where to start the balls relative to one another.  Has anyone else worked with this stuff and have any smart ideas?  I'd love to hear if there's some collective wisdom on how to use this stuff.  First I thought of keeping the rainbows close, but then I feared that one-color-off matching would give long patches of yellow and orange, blue and green, which I knew I didn't want.  Muddy, you know?  But starting across-spectrum (red - green, yellow - purple) seemed scarily loud.  Obviously, "in for a penny" thinking won here and I went with cross spectrum patterning.  Here it is again.  It's, well, cheerful, as Elsie would say.

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