Monday, January 18, 2010

It's all fun and games until somebody breaks their @ss

You may have noticed that I stay away from profanity and personal details here.
Please don't take offense at the post title.

Our son got a Ripstick for Christmas, so of course, we all have to learn to use it.
It's fun.  Lots of fun.   I'm not good at it (I'm a notorious clod), but I mastered getting started without help today.  I was quite proud.  But I still need to master the swiveling with both sides, because as it is now, I only use my back leg.  Which means I list to the right.
A lot.
To the right
And then . . . .
Right onto the concrete.
So now I'm watching this bruise form along the whole side of my right leg, knee to hip.  And the palm of my hand.
All things considered, it was no biggie for falling on concrete full force when your birthday is at the months' end and you're only a year away from 40. 
I didn't even hit my head.
And no one was using a video camera.
So all in all, not bad.
Here's the other excitement from the weekend.

Using up some spare sock yarn Elsie gave me a year ago and some Risata (which I love and think I might make a great sweater) and my sister sent us some paper white bulbs for Christmas.

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