Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I work with really nice people.  The nicest I've ever worked with, I think.  Lucky me.
Some of them even knit.  This first piece is a sweater for a toddler.  It has inspired me to do something with cables!  Isn't it beautiful?
And these socks! They're so delicate and the color is so fun.  I feel like a total ham-handed lame-o because my socks aren't anything like these.  Amazing.  I think maybe I should do something designing with cables and mittens?
And finally, my alternate model put on the diamond scarf for me.  Does everything look better on?  Reminds me of how houses fall apart faster when no one lives there, our artifacts seem to somehow be more alive for in contact with people.  What a random, flaky observation to make.  Perhaps a 2 week vacation was too long!

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