Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sorry, no pictures yet - soon tho'

I have made a promise to myself that if I can finish some (I'll say 3) of my current things on needles I can start one of the other things I have waiting for me in the "walk in closet of temptation".
I finished the back of the eponymous October and have started the front and I'm a couple rows short of finishing the sleeves on Rolfe.  It's funny, I start these plain, straight stitch projects thinking that they'll be so easy and I'll blow through them while doing other things . . .  but then I get bored of them and they languish on the needles.  Too much straight stitch makes my fingers tired.
I'm going to knit on the Rolfe sleeves, which means my last few rows where the set in shaping is done aren't cast off, more like wierd short rows.  I'll take some pictures of the attachment process, as I'd highly recommend it for those who don't like gap-y joins of sweater pieces and fear heaviness and pull on cotton knitwear (which this is). 
I'm sad it's going to be too small for him, it's a lovely pattern.  He wants me to do it over in a larger size for next winter in orange and black.  I'm planning to stall and see if he doesn't tone that down in the next 6 months or so.
And finally - my spouse was listening to NPR during the Friday commute (I wasn't, I was listening to the warm and fuzzy biography Nixonland) and he came home and downloaded Here comes science.  If you're like me (I will leave it to your individual judgment if you think that would be a good or a bad thing) something that brings together science, one's kids and They Might Be Giants is quite the happy mash-up.  My favorite so far, "How many planets?". 
Man, I was so fond of Pluto . . . .

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