Monday, March 15, 2010

Strange feeling

Maybe I'm a shark, you know, something that dies if it stops moving forward.I have these projects in progress and I feel like I've wandered into a cocktail party full of people I don't like much and find rather boring.
Seriously, this must be some kind of nameable condition, this storming thing I do.

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  1. I'm easily bored, too, and I think you need to buy yourself some really stunning yarn and make something funky that's (a) not practical, but (b) not fussy, either. It should be something you could wear to work, or out to dinner, just so you could experience it as often as possible. I just bought a hank of Berroco Seduce for a new Norah Gaughan pattern and wow, it's enough to make me want to finish everything else I've got on needles so I can be Seduced. (And strangely, I do want to finish everything else.) I even stuck the swatch under fancy art lighting so I can go in and look at it periodically. That's what you need: A secret love affair. With yarn. Signed, a Coworker who Couldn't Come to Knitting Group Today.