Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sorry I've been out of touch

Yes, it's been kind of hectic.  Mostly that pesky kid thing.  Soccer has started, we had to work on a school report about Cesar Chavez, I'm currently cleaning smooshed banana out of his backpack (so nasty, just oh so gross), and much of yesterday's afternoon was taken up with a conversation that started like this:
"Mom, what's a lesbian?'
2 heartbeats.
"Sure I'll tell you about that, but first, where did you hear that?"
"One of the fifth graders called me a lesbian."
"Gotcha, okay . . . "
It was a long conversation.  He took it very seriously.  He even raised his hand when he needed to interject (that's the second time he's had that mom/teacher cognitive dissonance, not sure what to make of that).  He doesn't like people being mean, but ended up concluding this bully was not much to worry about.  Prejudice he worries about.  I was proud of him.
I have no confidence life will get any simpler any time soon.
Thank god for knitting, even if it is too slow moving to provide camera fodder.
Soon though.

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