Monday, June 14, 2010

Progress for that Knitpicks thing

Okay this might seem like decent progress given it is beaded knitting, but actually it is a very easy pattern I've devised.  And I couldn't tell if I liked it or not all weekend.  I'd work on it, hate the bead placement, rip it out, redo, work for 2 hours one night, get up the next morning convinced I was going to trash it.  Somehow it survived my basically having something like KMT (knitting-menstrual-tension) all over it until today when I could take it to work to get coworker feedback.  They made me feel better about it, that the multiple motions meant to give the idea of small waves lapping a beach were working, one even had the brilliant idea to take it outside to see if natural light brought out the sea glass-ness of the beads.  Thanks guys! So, I'll take an outdoor shot once I get a bit more done.  I also want to do it in gray with grey green beads as a scarf  . . .   Here's what we have thus far, plus my hand for scale (sorry if the light nail polish makes me look like an alien - [see number 6 in that link, I first saw this as a teenager back in the 80's]):

And, lucky me, I needed vacuum bags and what do you know, Amazon to the rescue.  So, I went for the extra that got me free shipping - it's LOVELY, totally worth the 19 bucks!

Oh yes, and finally, on the fate of the Lion Hat.  The nice people who commissioned that totally random piece of baby-ware?  Apparently they loved it - honestly.  I was totally prepared to have to do a re-do (they wanted the background in white or something) as one needs to be prepared to do when designing for folks who don't knit or do any of this stuff, but no need I guess.  Now I have leftovers.  Maybe I'll make a baby sweater . . .
Oh, got another idea - an intarsia shawl, lined with silk, with a fish pattern on a black ground . . .

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