Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Socks n stuff

So here are a couple pictures - the shawl on the rug, that transition in bead colors, that's for real, not a trick of the light.  I'm almost down to my 4th skein and then I can do the scarf and submit the tested pattern to Knitpicks.  I'll be excited to get this out into the wider world, the pattern is very easy and rewarding (she says modestly, sheesh).  Also, further down you'll see my wedding socks I'm free wheeling for my college roommates' wedding (she doesn't want more stuff, they already own a house, and she's still wearing some ratty old socks I made in COLLEGE - that's like 15+ years ago!).  I think I'll make them slippers, too, lined ones perhaps.  September is suddenly seeming very soon.
I also got the invitation to submit a piece to the Lyme Utility Club annual  fall fundraiser (this may sound like an honor, but I'm related to one of the organizers, so I kind of already had a horse in this race) and my thought this year was to design an intarsia stole of fish -- tropical colors on black, lined with a watered silk. The design concept is either fish spaced apart on a plain ground or do an interlocking MC Escher idea.  Any opinions?

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