Thursday, June 3, 2010

More swatching

I got a nice comment here about my swatch, and some really helpful feedback at the weekly knitting gang at work (there was a lot of love for the clear and light blue beads, the darker were seen to be too purple, perhaps).  I've decided that while my swatch had some things I liked about it, it was more angular than I wanted.  The pattern I came up with is nice, but it didn't look enough like waves, I wanted something more gentle, less corner-y.  So I have some more ideas to play with and I ordered some matte beads, I want to give those a try too.  Basically, right now I have a lot of variables to nail down, so there will be a lot more swatches coming..
I also want the design to have motion, I want to capture the idea of small breaking waves, but also open the design up to other colorways, like a soft green that would look like marsh grass:
For yarns I was thinking Eucalyptus maybe paired with Cattail for depth and for the beads some combination  of these:
I also want to make the design so it can be scaled down, so there's a scarf version.  So, lots of swatches coming soon.  Free shipping = slow shipping.  Sigh.
I'm sure that so many options freaks some people out.  I find it totally invigorating - not in every aspect of my life, but I sure do love to design stuff.
Thanks for the help and input, pictures soon!

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