Friday, March 4, 2011


It's so soft and lovely - yikes, the colors are pretty close to what you see here (mmm, yummy office floor).  I'm thinking these will make an awesome Dr. Who type scarf, I just need to find an appropriately artsy/vision impaired recipient.  I also got some Blackberry Comfy fingering to make a hat/lined mitten set with . . . .

In other news, I've finished the second sleeve of the GMS windowpanes pullover, now I'm starting on the body.  That's a lot of corrugated ribbing in small yarn, that is.  Kept me busy at soccer practice anyhow.  I'll take a picture over the weekend.

I'm going to be at a work conference at the end of the month, lots of watching  so I'm thinking that would be a good time to make the world's loudest er, prettiest, I mean, scarf.

Oh, and I also forgot, I have a request for my lined mitten pattern - from a monk.  So I think that's a first for me, so that's sort of neat.  I'll have to size that pattern up for a guy's hand. 

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