Tuesday, March 22, 2011

No pictures yet but

I'm within an hour of being done with the big, insane, LOUD scarf I used to play with Aloft.  I can't say for sure until it's blocked, but Aloft is nice.  I feared it would be sheddy, but it's not.
I now have 3 balls each of white, grey and black.  I'm going to design a beaded scarf pattern for Aloft, knit in the round, this will be very exciting, but I'm not allowed to start until I free up my size 6 needle to do it on.
The stained glass pull over is still coming along, I just got fed up with two color knitting for a while.  I'll finish it soon.  I really like Chroma, and got a bunch of colors in it, as well as some plain Stroll, so I think I'll do some mittens and hats with those, smaller color work experiments.
I'll take some pictures tomorrow . . .

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