Thursday, July 12, 2007

The neck down adventure continues

It really does look like a thneed, from the Lorax, but it's starting to look more like a garment and less like a bicycle seat cover. The Shine Worsted is so soft and has such a nice drape to it, it seems very promising for a fall sweater. And the color is better in these pictures than the first ones.
It's hard to say which is more relaxing, knitting on this (yes, I have all three needles in at once, what a mess) or spinning. I'm almost ready to ply the next batch, so that's very exciting.

Yesterday, Stephanie McPhee had a post about both Elizabeth Zimmermann's Surprise Jacket and her spinning. The spinning was really lovely. But I hadn't seen the Surprise Jacket before. How COOL - and all that stuff I have sitting in tubs in the small one's closet . . . . (evil hand rubbing)

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