Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Norwegian Roses part 3

Okay, the body is almost done - and I'm running out of the Sunburst Gold! Grrrrrr - I stink at math and I can't find Brown Sheep LBW in this color anywhere. So much for timing things to be ready for Christmas. The colors really show up better on this second picture, but I really love the piece as a whole. It's completely out of my usual comfort range of colors. I think I want to do this one in blues again - blue and green maybe? Or, do something with blues and this sunburst gold again, that would be really nice.
Anyway, the sleeves won't take long once they get done and I should be all done with the body tonight.

I've got my next Aran project waiting, the blue teal huge cable thingie, but we saw some of the second Bourne movie and I really like Joan Allen's sweater - it's a charcoal grey Aran - I think I want to make one of those.
Basically, I think I need to convince my family to move to Finland so I can knit every piece of clothing we own.
(Hrrrm, I was playing with the comments and seem to have dissappeared them from this post, sorry, perhaps this will fix this? NEXT NIGHT Whatever I did really messed up comments, so I just copied and pasted the dumb post and now, presto, comments are back and better than ever.)

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