Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another thing that's almost done

My frosty resolve has paid off! By that I mean, my resolve to not start anything new until I'm done with all but one project (spinning doesn't count, I'm on kitten-induced hiatus). I'm sewing up the tunic tonight, I'll have to get a picture tomorrow. I really love it so far, I just hope the Comfy holds up in the way. Hand washing cotton - what a waste of youth and beauty that is!

My posting lately has been spotty - mainly because our PC died over the holidays, so online time and picture loading is a bit messed up.

Ideas for 2009:
Redo Amy Rose as Sonic - this time in blues?
Do a peacock beaded shawl - this time use a medallion pattern from Knitted Counterpanes - something made of circles or near circles to get the eye effect of the peacock tail - teal yarn with blue, purple and gold beads. (Note to self, find a local bead shop that deals in size 6 seed beads.)
Do something with that Knitpicks Bare the small one and I dyed last spring break - those colors are lovely, so maybe something fun, like Fassett colored circles on a black background. Maybe fish instead of circles? Would anyone wear anything that whimsical/garish? What about making a big, flat shawl and backing it with fabric. A crazy motif might work better as a shawl. OR, maybe do some lined mittens, colorful silk and wool instead, heavier wool outside?

I keep flirting with starting an Etsy shop, but since I like to design as I go (to an almost pigheaded degree) the idea of creating an inventory intimidates me greatly. Though I did sell the Iron Matrix and a bunch of wristers. Maybe I could do beaded shawls on commission? Still scary. I don't like my patterns are good, or original, enough to sell.

High ho. Our new monitor will arrive tomorrow so I should be more regular in my posting.

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