Thursday, January 22, 2009

Perhaps this is getting out of hand, but

What about using gemstones in beaded knitting?
The application would have to be right, and I think you'd want to use them very sparingly, but I got a comment that pointed me to these.
I've always liked sodalite.


  1. Why not, beading looks terrific with knitted items. You will have to have either a hole in the bead or secure it by possibly gluing and then wrapping the corners of the stones with yarn or vice versa. But yes, there are a lot of beading patterns out there.
    You string the beads first before casting on your stitches so you have to determine how many you are going to use. I also believe that there is a way to attach without stringing first but I haven't ever attempted that method before. I have a pattern from Elite Classic that uses them on a full length coat. Very Beautiful. Good luck.

  2. I encourage you to experiment with gemstone-bead knitting! Maybe with small enough & large-holed enough beads, plus strong enough yarn, you'll come up with something wonderful :)

    at Rings & Things