Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Being boring

So I'm on one of my kicks where I try and clean up my knitting basket. Which is boring and doesn't give me cool new things (well, okay, be fair, cool to me) to take bad pictures of. But soon, I'll have the second pair of entralac socks done and the brown Rosa (I'm on the sleeves) and I'll start the peacock caplet.
But I had some other ideas too.
  • I want to do the caplet in black with jet/hematite beads for evening wear and see how it works.
  • I want to design a wedding shawl, maybe white doubled lace weight yarn with clear iridescent beads? I need to look for interesting edgings and flower lace patterns for that, do a little research on traditional flowers for love, faith, etc..
  • I want to design a beaded cardigan with the purple gloss (which they aren't making anymore, which stinks). I charted a modified leaf pattern for Yarn or Death, but I haven't had a chance to test it and find it's kinks - and there are always kinks - but I think it might work for this.
I love going biking, it's very restful and I get all these ideas. I need more hands.

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