Thursday, April 16, 2009

The restful quality of doing something fussy

These aren't new, I've been working on them for a while.
So long in fact, I spaced what I'd done to mod the pattern. Working on sock two, I did the entrelac on the wrong size needles. After an evening of "hmm, is it close enough?" my better self won out and I ripped it back and have been re-doing it on the right size needles.
Entrelac is fussy work, for these socks it's done on small size (2's and 3's) short double point needles. Sometimes working on something like this would make me feel insane with boredom and fussiness overload. But when I'm really tired, like my joints hurt kind of tired, working on something like this makes me so happy. The tiny needles, the tidy little stitches, the little patches of color and discrete increments of progress just make me smile.
Once upon a time I heard, or read, that when you're sad or depressed, cleaning is a good way to cure that, or at least a way to break yourself out of the funk. The physical activity provides endorphins, the task gives a concrete goal that can then be accomplished and hey, who isn't cheered up by those nice clean smells?
So, I clean when I feel like I need to be perked up.
But entrelac socks are more fun.
What do you do for unwinding knitting (ha, I made a dumb funny, get it? Unwinding? Okay, I'm very tired.)? Lace? Socks? Gloves?

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