Thursday, April 1, 2010

Yarn diet - or what do you do when the romance dies?

So I'm thinking that this yarn/new project diet I've been on is getting me down.  When you get into that space of looking at your knitting in the evening and go "meh" and then watch Mythbusters or something silly all night without knitting a stitch.
But my resolution to use up my yarn is really weighing on me.  All that random yarn that I have and it's hard to get inspired to plan a new Fassett sweater without wanting to buy a ton more stuff to flesh it out.  And that's just counterproductive, now isn't it?  You're really taking it too far when your attempts to use up older yarn results in purchasing almost as much new yarn. 
And I'm me, so I have these issues where I'm prone to creating strange, arbitrary rules for myself - seriously, my family thought I was kind of touched as a kid (they weren't wrong, I just have learned to hide it better in public now).  My excessive devotion to self created games makes me turn this using-up-yarn-exercise into a dare with myself where buying new yarn is NOT ALLOWED - read, failure.  So there's all my old yarn, taunting me with it's boring-ness.
Then last night I saw this.  Vivian Hoxbro, you're really COOL.  I love this sweater!  The shape, the cables, the small amounts of bright color against the stony neutral panels.  And the shape, I really like that.

I've never done modular knitting, but I'm reasonably sure some research and I'd be up and running.  Now I have a fire going to finish my three before I can start something new.
Thanks designer-I've-never-met, you made me excited to knit again.

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