Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dude, we're breakin' up!

This is what my spouse says when I do something dumb.  And I do dumb things a lot.  (FWIW, my version on this theme when I'm about to die from the absurdity is to tell him "I quit.)

So, Roses and Ivy, it's over.  I screwed up the neck placket placement and was in the process of fixing it.  It was tedious and fiddly, but God hates a slackard, but then I thought "I'm not sure God's too pleased with folks beating their heads on a wall for no reason either". Then, I suddenly realized I hated this stupid thing.  The gauge is too loose (4's for fingering weight, I don't think it would wear without puckering), I was in fear it would be too square and wide to look good on anyone . . .  So what am I doing???????
Long story short it was like waking up one morning and wondering why in blue blazes you've been working so hard to keep that overweight social reject mouth breather with body odor and laundry issues from breaking up with you. 
Guys, your friends were right - let it go.

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