Monday, April 5, 2010

This must be a metaphor for something

All I can say is this sweater looks like how I've felt a few times in my life.
And it (and those times) is not pretty.  But I'll Steve Austin this puppy, you'll see.  I'll take action photos so you can see progress.
Sort of like one of those horrible reality TV shows about people getting plastic surgery . . .
. . . only for knitting, and not really gross, and without all those scary issues.
So actually, not really like one of those shows at all.  Which is for the best, I don't like reality TV or elective surgery at all.

But you'll get to see progress.
And this little number down here - it's not a swatch and it's now about half done.  Well, the main knitting is half done.  Mystery project!

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