Sunday, April 4, 2010

Oh my word, I'm an IDIOT

So, first of all, lovely weekend.  Hiking and BBQ yesterday, today we played outside.  Watched some movies, very nice and low key.
And this morning I finished off the body of the roses pullover.  I was all proud of myself, then I noticed it - points if you can see what I've done wrong:
Yup.  Bad math on the side panels to either side of the neck placket.  The left side is about 15 stitches wider than the right.
Swearing, sighing, hair pulling, none of these things adequately express my annoyance with myself.
So, rather than rip out the whole yoke, I'm just going to fix my math and rip down the middle of the front, recenter the neck placket and fix it that way.
I'll take pictures on the work in progress so everyone who reads this can laugh and be psyched they're not me.
I'm also playing with a quick side project, we'll leave it a mystery for tonight.

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