Monday, May 10, 2010

Life is dull

You know how you think some quiet time would be nice, so you could get some things done?  And does it ever work out that way for you?  Because it doesn't for me.  I think "oh, that would be nice" but it's not; it's lonely and sucky.
My husband is in Fort Worth at a conference.  I hate it.  Any time he goes away, which is rare, I get very lonely and sad and do nothing but clean the house and wait for him to come home like a lab waiting by the front door.  Knitting, spinning, designing anything like that all loses it's interest for me.  We have Skype this time around so that actually makes things better (I know what a hotel room in FW looks like and can even kind of see the stock yards out his window), but life is very empty and dull.
I just added an early season of MI5 to the streaming queue and I'm nearly done with the peacock blank, so I'll work on that a bit and watch episodes I've never seen.

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