Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thinking about what peacocks really look like

So I'm thinking about dying this shawl as I knit it, and this is making me think hard about how I'm going to accomplish what I want.  Peacock feathers in reality look very little like the picture in my head, though I think most people would get my stylized mind version (I"m borrowing others images, so to give credit where it is due, these come from http://www.tonyhill.net/, http://community.livejournal.com/chicks_with_ink/59453.html; http://www.foxriverbnb.com/tribal.htm).  I think the hardest part will be the iridescent green/gold/purple.  But I think I can get what I'm after by applying those colors to vinegar soaked yarn and letting them work together.  Or, I could end up with something the color of baby poo.  What an adventure.

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  1. Silk Yarn will help you accomplish the effect you are looking for. It would take very little and be very eye catching. Check out Red Fish Dye Works for small amounts of hand dyed silk. I think you'll be impressed. http://www.redfishdyeworks.com/
    Hope this helps.