Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Amy Rose the Hedgehog

Instructions are pretty much the same as yesterday.

Yes, the little one is going through a hardcore Sonic phase.
So what was I thinking doing with this? Haha! Knitting the New Classics by Kristin Nicholas has a pattern for something called the Vis-A-Vis Pullover (I'm sure someone on Ravelry has it up to see somewhere - I'd use R more, but the need to post photos via flickr is just more work than I'm willing to do more than once in a great while) which used Applause (bulky weight mohair, silk, rayon and wool). I want to dye my own, in separate strands and work the sweater this way. So here's the mohair, I think I'll pair it with Knitpicks silk and wool dyed more tame shades of Amy pink . . .

We're sitting in the living room and the small one looks out the window and says "Mom, there's a bird eating your yarn". Yup, a pair of titmice were plucking Amy Rose for their nest. More reasons to deal in food safe colorants!


  1. Wow! What pretty fiber! Can't blame the birdies for wanting some of it :)

  2. :) Thanks! It's really fun to do - takes about an hour, as well.
    Thinking on it more, I should have left the skeins out for the birds - would have been easy to find their nest .. .