Sunday, April 13, 2008

Some ideas

So I'm working a pair of entrelac socks, but I'm still trying to sort out needles sizes so the patches work up at the same gauge as the rest of the sock ribbing and foot, so no pictures of that yet (gah, it's so ugly so far, like no one wants to see this sausage being made). The socks are washed, and dried, but I"m trying to lay off my natural nagging tendencies and let him try them when he wants to. (He just saw this as I was writing and found them to go try them on.) So here are some pictures from a walk today. I grew up for almost 32 years in the same part of the country and I really knew the birds, plants, trees, how the clouds looked before rain, or snow, and then we moved and everything is new. Here's what's new and nice (for me).
These trees are everywhere and I love the way they look like they're holding snow.
This bark is awesome - browns and grays (there are loads of layers in each chunk of bark, you can take chunks off the ground and peel away layer after layer) and green lichen in the valleys between the bark islands, too. The islands remind me of Fassett's patterns, and the colors have a lot of the Jack's Back seaside colorway (I have another colorway photographed here).

And finally, violets. The grow almost everywhere - we had loads of them in our lawn and gardens when I was a kid. I love the contrast of the bright green, heart-shaped leaf and the delicate dark purple flowers that sort of looks like a little lion's face.
Someone I look at has a great sock with these colors, but I'll have to find it tomorrow . . . .


  1. I know what you mean about finding so many new things. I moved down here to AR from NV and I'm so amazed at all the Dogwood, Magnolia, Pear and Cherry trees! The violets and other wildflowers blow me away in the spring time as well.

  2. Isn't it amazing how much you know about your home base that you take for granted? Where in AR? I think it must be way greener than I think - I always pictured it like Texas - golden fields, I guess. One thing I realized living in the South is too much green gives me a sort of seasonal depression. I miss 6 months of grey/brown/white/more grey. Maybe that's what I was thinking with those very ugly socks I'm going to kill tonight.