Friday, April 11, 2008

In the washer

The socks, I mean. We want to see how they wash and dry - perhaps we'll have an action photo tomorrow morning; sorry, none with this post. If he likes them, perhaps another pair in grey.

The thing about the magic needle technique that I like is that if you have a simple enough pattern (like a 2x2 or 3x3 rib) it really is possible to work entirely by feel and not miss a minute of the movie/game/etc. that you really want to watch. If you have ever disliked socks for the dp needle angle, give it a try.

Oh, a follow up on that dying - I'm curious how others wash knitwear/fibers. I've settled washing (dunking and massaging with my knuckles, really) gently in lukewarm water with kid's shampoo in it (I like Orange/Mango myself, especially if you're trying to get rid of that not-so-yummy vinegar smell). Rinse 2 times, sometimes I rinse once more with conditioner in the water and rinse once more. Works nicely on wool, but I wouldn't do it on lofty stuff like mohair or boucle for fear of lanky nastiness.

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