Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Vis a vis Amy Rose

I have too many things going on at once.
I'm so unique, aren't I?
The blue monster is still lovely, and I'm almost done with the body, but the intensive knit and purl pattern isn't thrilling me right now, so 3 inches short of the top of the body, it sits quietly in the knitting basket. I'm almost done with the lined mittens, but they too aren't doing it for me because apparently, they aren't hot pink enough. So here's Amy - I'm working the Vis a vis pattern in reverse (Knitting the new classics Kristin Nicholas ISBN 0806931701) - meaning from the top down. I'm using a twisted lift increase at the raglan seams to eliminate the big holes that can happen when doing increases along a raglan seam. I really have to do this one again in a colorway I can wear - greens and blues for the silk and merino, blues and purples for the mohair, I'm thinking. The fabric this makes is really amazing, soft and light and not at all itchy.
I'm thinking for my next dying attempt of investing in Wilton or Ateco for dyes . . .

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