Thursday, April 17, 2008

Time flies

Okay, I haven't been posting much basically because I haven't been getting much knitting or any spinning done. Three things that seriously cut into my time (this excludes normal dumb stuff like earning a living, cooking, trying to clean once in a while, playing video games, etc.)
1.) Tball. It's a large time commitment - but it's totally worth it.
2.) MLB Extra Innings.
3.) Jane Eyre. Such a wonderful soap opera - way better than Dallas (or Cats for that matter). Thank you Masterpiece.

That said, here's a report on the big blue beast:

This thing here is an entralac sock. I don't like it, the gauge is messy, so I'm going to rip it out. I love the technique, just not my application of it. Maybe a blanket . . . I just noticed, what a lame photo, even for me. Too good to crop, I guess?

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