Thursday, June 12, 2008

Getting back to the Matrix

Yay! Now I can finish the Matrix, which I am quite fond of. Of course, now I begin to fear I don't have enough Gloss, and cosmos won't be available until Sept., which means a new dye lot. Bother, Pooh. You can kind of see them in this picture, every fourth or so purple bead is half greeny-blue iridescent. The overall effect is both pretty and subtle. Would I care to wear a scarf full of beads? Mmm, not sure. But it's fun to make so that concern is for later. (And no, I don't quite know where those gunmetal beads are going to end up, but there's a cardigan in there I think, lace panels perhaps?)

And here we have the tiny amount of progress on the shawl I've started. Oh, and look, I've taken another really bad picture. The family gift; I've got it. Anyhow, it gives you a sense of the color and pattern - wait till I have about 6 inches - getting a snap of anything shorter than that on circular needles is a bear. Shimmer is really nice - it has a glassy quality that makes the colors really luminous and it's just a little fuzzy so it's not quite stark when you make lace with it. But man, this thing is going to take over a year to complete - so many tiny little stitches! Yet I know I'd take on a sweater with just as many stitches and rows without blinking -- which is odd. I'm hoping it's one of those great things that creates an enormous sense of accomplishment, rather than months of hair-tearing.
Had another thought about Amy Rose last night - what about doing Amy with 2 strands of Shimmer instead of Bare (say Blue Glass and Turquoise Splendor, or maybe Lilac Dream and Cumulus) and dye the lace weight mohair something soft and in between. The Shimmer wouldn't have the body of the Bare, but the overall fabric might have a really nice drape.

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