Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sorry, no pictures (nothing to report, really)

Except that I'm sort of stalled out. Oh, and the small person ended up being called in to a regional tournament this weekend - that sucked up both days and last night (till 10pm - but worth it, we're really proud of him). And it's been in the 90's. And I'm out of materials for all my projects I want to work on right now (I need blue for the side to side sweater and more beads for the Matrix) and for whatever reason don't have the spinning bug lately. I've started a shawl in knitpicks Shimmer Blue Glass - but I have less than an inch done, there's no picture to take there. While I still like the idea of spinning some BFL, I'm wondering if I don't want to do the fishing shirt idea in Merino Style, maybe cinnamon or moss. I have to say I was very impressed with Merino Style, much softer than I had thought, and seems to have really nice stitch definition.

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