Thursday, June 11, 2009

It never rains but pours

Okay, my wrist is basically all better, so knitting is now fun not painful, but in the meantime I've been diverted by . . . .

Replanting our koi pond (stinky and mucky)
Getting an estimate to have our roof re-done (hail damage, whoo hoo)
Our dishwashing dying

Amazing, the way life goes.
So while I had planned to show a snap of the tiny little lace with clear sparkly beads I've been working on (which is insanely slow going, I mean there is an intimidation factor to a ball of lace weight yarn that's crazy, you knit and knit and the ball doesn't shrink one bit!), but instead I'll go wash 2 days worth of dishes.
Ah, college memories . . .

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