Friday, June 5, 2009


Still no pictures, sorry.
Partly that's because we still don't have a home PC tho' that should be fixed this weekend. That's also why I haven't been posting. Or partly why.
I ran out of beads for the Peacock, so now that's on hold. I've started doing some swatches for a wedding shawl I have in mind, lace weight and very sparing on beads, which I'm excited about but because my wrist is still pretty jacked up, knitting so slow (if it happens at all).
I'm also doing my usual thing of having too many projects going at once so no one things makes much progress so no pictures and not much to tell.
So, here's a random thought for Friday.
Listening to NPR this morning, I heard a piece "Larger Populations Triggered Stone Age Learning". It's very short and worth a look. I found it pretty interesting and it got me thinking about how I learn (or fail to learn, is more often the case) in groups and by myself. My learning pattern, like many things about my life, seems to work best when it comes in various phases. I do something in a group, get lots of ideas, but then I need time alone for things to germinate. Then I can take my ideas which have now grown some in the shelter of solitude back to the group for use or adaption for others. This made me think about Ravelry and this blog. I wanted to design patterns for the longest time, but never made any headway. Ravelry provided me with large group setting needed for my ideas and motivation to bloom, exposure not just to the amazing variety of ideas and creative solutions that others have, but the in-your-face evidence that I could actually do it.
Ravelry pulled me out of my knitting Stone Age, perhaps?
It's Friday, I guess I'm willing to post this tangent.
Have a great weekend!

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