Thursday, June 25, 2009

Adria: or some more ideas

So writing up the pattern is slow going, like always. Once I get it finished, I was planning to charge for it, but I have a special offer - you can have an advanced copy for free if you'll knit it up and help me as a volunteer editor. Think about it . . . .

Okay, more ideas for the peacock - what if you knit it all in Bare and then dyed it to look like the peacock? I was thinking you'd mix up the dye pretty thick and paint it on with smallish brushes. Living here in the south it gets so hot I was thinking do this outside on a summer day between 2 black garbage bags - let Mother Nature be your microwave.

And, I want to reward my model and design something just for her. Right now I'm thinking something in an earth tone (Gloss in Parsley or Cosmos) with 2 larger panels of a twirling vine with leaves with beads in them and 3 smaller openwork panels on the sides and center. The leaf panels would be reverse st. st. and the vines and leaves would be st. st. traveling patterns. Not hard, but I'm wondering if I can design a traveling stitch that moves in a complete circle and have it come out looking like something. Time for swatches.

Projects are like hydras. You dispatch one and 3 more grow from the stump.
But that's why I started this blog, so I could always find my "notebook" of ideas . . . .

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