Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wow, love that high speed cable internet

Loading my lame pictures at lightning speed!
Okay, still the colors on the Peacock are much brighter and more diverse than what shows here, but I'm taking these so you can see the pattern. Does it look like a peacock tail to anyone else? God it's a lot of knitting if I come to find out it looks dumb.
At the very bottom you can see the beginnings of Putnam's wedding stole - I designed it after talking to a friend of mine about what she's knitting for a friend of her's for a wedding.
Planning to charge $5 for the Peacock pattern once it's done, but I'll probably make the wedding stole free or only a dollar or 2 - I mean, if you are going to slog through knitting something in lace weight, you oughtta get the discount.
Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Our new dishwasher resulted in a chip in our laminate countertop. We're now flirting with replacing the countertops, but as the spouse rightly points out, they'd just rip the wallpaper replacing the countertop so we'd have to do that . . . . It's like a giant kitten has started playing the yarnball of our lives.

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