Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A day at home

Today I have a teacher conference with the little one's teacher so took the day off because a.) it's in the middle of the day b.) I needed to meet the Comcast tech at home c.) spouse and I could get our H1N1 mist and hopefully make ourselves somewhat illness resistant.
So I finished cleaning out and reinstalling the pump and filter in the pond, washed the columns of the porch, cleaned up the garage a bit and put up the Halloween decorations.  Now I'm poaching chicken for some chicken salad which is for tomorrow.  Tonight I'm going to make these.  Mmmm.  Of course it's in the low 60's here today and so I have the kitchen window open and the kitty has been pinned to it ever since. Below are some pictures of a.) the finished soccer mittens on and b.) the sweater I'm making for the small one in Cotlin. 
I also need to take a shower before I go to the conference.  :)

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