Wednesday, October 21, 2009

oh yeah

There w wnere 2 other things to do today.  The first was to redo the Camp Half Blood tshirt for the little's costume, much better this time.  The first time it got smeary and the tree was too big.  This time I cut the stencils apart and arranged them and taped them down being sure to wash them and dry them between each stenciling session.  I like this one.
And on a related note, I want to finish the Olympian and post the pattern.  Very simple and I'm in love with the colors.  For once in my life I want to make a rollneck that's not so long it looks like a dress.  Being 5'1" doesn't help with that - the urge to wear big clothes makes you look childlike in that bad, no one loved you enough to dress you right way or just dumpy and fat.  Hurtling towards 40, I aspire to look neither.

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