Thursday, October 15, 2009

I got more mail

So, here we have some Cotlin for a rugby style sweater for the little one (Cedar and Planetarium) and some Comfy worsted in October for another take at the white sweater in something soft.

Problem with October - I look kind of hideous in orange.  I have blue and orange eyes (I even took a picture so you could see, but that disembodied eye is kind of freaky, sorry about that), light brown hair and skin that is just a little too sallow to work with most earth tones.  But I like them, more and more as I get older.  So, I will knit my d*mn sweater and either a.) give it to my sister who does look good in such colors or b.) stubbornly wear it myself and look like I'm about to vomit the whole time.

And here are some pictures of 5 minutes of fun with beads and earring hooks.  The big round beads are Moss Agate.  There's a lot of variation in the 16 inch strand, so you need to match them carefully.  Kitties love to help with that, in case you were wondering.


  1. Hey there, discovered your blog a few weeks ago and love it! I am also in love with fall colors but am considered a 'winter' and learned a tip from a color consultant: wear the colors you love, but put your complimentary (for you) or contrast (for me) color near your face(scarf, collar) and you won't have that dead zombie look. Friends swore I dropped 15lbs when I started following color rules for clothing-and I can still wear my fall colors! Good luck , hope it works for you....Jan in Tallahassee

  2. Hey,
    Sorry it's taken a while to get back, we've had internet issues.
    I like that idea - and blue (which is definitely my strongest color, makes my eyes and skin both look much better) goes well with this rusty orange. I will try that out before giving up on my dream . . . . Thanks!