Sunday, October 11, 2009

Making progress - minor tho' it may be

So, over the weekend I finished one sleeve on the Olympian pullover - while that shouldn't be a problem, my haphazard way of designing as I go (and believe me, I had good intentions this time, sat down, did the math, wrote it all out, knit it up a couple times, found my math had lied [it always does] had to rip it out, which is hard with all those paired yarn changes) has made getting this sleeve done right a big deal. Anyway, I should be coasting downhill now and I'll type up my notes for this pattern once I finish. The fabric is nice, but I've posted it a couple times so the next pictures will be of it on.

The black peacock is also coming a long, but it is slow and fiddly, down to the last skein. I finally completed the written directions to this one, previously I only had charts. Not everyone loves charts like I do, but I find writing out direction to defy my brain's wiring. For a right handed person, I'm a pretty visual thinker. I'll post that update on Ravelry tomorrow.

And finally, we ate dinner at our local diner this weekend. All hail diners! I love diner food. The veggie of the day was brussel sprouts. Now, I like vegetables but I grew up in the 70's so it was all frozen stuff in square boxes and usually involved Lima beans so I definitely have my "danger Will Robinson" items. Cabbage and brussel sprouts are two of these. And these puppies did not disappoint; they were AWFUL. Boiled to death, over salted, mushy, couldn't have had a single vitamin left in them. They were so gross and bad they exercised a sort of sick fascination. My husband and I kind of got into a contest eating the dang things.

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