Thursday, July 10, 2008

Matrix follow up

So, I sent the Matrix to my mom.

She loved it.

Loved the color, the pattern, thought it was very cool. She was going to show it around to her friends. The beads were so nice, how did I get them in there? So soft and the texture was perfect. She really thought it was great, but . . .

She thought it was "a little short".

MOMS! You can't hide ANYTHING from them. Didn't I say it myself? I should have known. GAH. Of course she's right, but I was out of cosmos, and when it became available again, the dye lots wouldn't have matched. . . Excuses, excuses.

She was right. Is right. It's a wee bit short. I gave her draping instructions (after confessing I knew she was right) for wearing the scarf and she thought it worked.
"But next time maybe . . . you know, since people will want to wear it draped like a shawl . . ."
I'm thinking I'll do the next one in black.
3 skeins of black.

I love my mom. She can be really supportive; but she will never let you get away with a half-try job for a second. Or, at least not without a serious dousing of guilt.
And you know, it just feels so good when people care enough about you to not allow you to slide or skate when you can do better; especially on something important to you.

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