Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Things I've been learning about lately

So here are 3 skeins of my spinning from the past 2 weeks. None of it has been set yet. Soryu is 2 ply, and very lightweight compared to the single of sandalwood (this is most of the 8 oz. I'll finish this up tonight and start on the patina). I've heard that some hand spinners have a hard time making good singles as they end up spinning too tightly and making too fine a yarn. I must have a great relationship with my wheel, this works for me.
The singles are so heavy compared to the 2 ply, really dense and solid. If the 2 ply is like an afghan hound or a grey hound, the singles are like a tubby black lab (even down to the tail wagging). I've never had both of my own spinning on hand to compare, but as I took them both back to the porch for a photo-op I was struck by how heavy the singles are. And I like them that way. And, spinning singles is a lot faster than plying, which can be very satisfying.
Other things I've been learning lately, how to take slightly better color adjusted pictures of my work with the camera by playing with the settings. AUTO doesn't actually work for every situation.
What else, how long it takes to pump out our 1,500 gal. septic tank (about 40 minutes). No emergency; just maintenance. We don't want emergencies in that department, thanks.
Oh, and that it was high time I cut my hair. I'm like a comet with cutting my hair. Guess it was year 76 today.

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