Monday, July 28, 2008

Linen stitch one peice - made of cotton (draft pattern, in progress)

I tend to be bad about writing down what I've done, esp. so if I wait until the end of the project when I've moved on. So I'm going to go ahead and post this one before it's done - so fair warning. By all means, use and edit as you like, but this is my untested math.

A note about materials and stitch choice - I love cotton and cotton blends, but to knit sweaters from, I always end up with a stretchy mess. My sunflower pullover from last summer is a good example; wear it for a day and the sleeves are down to your knees. I did figure out a band aid for this - pick up and crochet along the back of the piece vertically ala the Yarn Harlot's directions, but still, I wanted something better. So this time, I'm trying to use a more reinforced stitch that will produce a more stable fabric that won't get all yanked about by it's own weight. After some swatching, I choose linen stitch. It's strong and stable, visually very appealing (I think, esp. for knitting because it gives a cool faux woven look) and works in Cypress green.
This sweater is knit front waist seam to back waist seam, picking up for the sleeves as you go, and casting off for the neck. I've incorporated pockets (the whole pattern is a riff off of le bouton's 3 pocket wool pull) and I'm not sure what I'll do with the neck yet.
Pictures and updates to follow . . .

13 skeins Comfy from Knitpicks (may need more, I'll edit this later)
size 6 needles

6.5 sts. per inch in linen stitch

Linen stitch: abbreviated as L.S.
worked over an even number of stitches
RSR: k1, sl1wyif* repeat to end
WRS: p1, sl1wyib* repeat to end

Make pockets: make 2
Cast on 32 sts, work in linen stitch until pieces measure 5 inches, ending with a WSR. Place all stitches on scrap yarn and set aside.

Sweater is worked all in one piece
Front hem to front:
Cast on 130 sts - work L.S. until piece measures 7 inches, ending with a WSR.
Next row - work 18 sts., place next 32 sts. on scrap yarn, place first pocket on left hand needles and work these 32 sts. work next 30 sts., place next 32 sts. on scrap yarn, place second pocket on left hand needle and work these 32 sts., work remaining 18 sts.
Continue to work L.S. until piece measures 17 in. ending with RSW. Next row, cast on 84 sts. and work these 84, then work 130 sts. of body, cast on 84 sts. onto left hand needle with spare main yarn and knit across these sts.. Entire piece now equals 298 sts.. Continue to work until L.S. piece measures 22 in. ending with a WSR.
Neck: Next row, work 124 sts., place center 50 sts. on scrap yarn, attach second ball to other side and work remaining 124 sts.
Cast off 2 sts. on each side of neck on the next 3 RSRs, leaving a total of 118 sts. each side.
Cast off 1 st. on each side of neck on the next 1 RSR, leaving a total of 117 sts. each side.
Work L.S. until peice measures 29 in. from bottom edge, ending with a WSR.
Next row work 117 sts. of first side, with spare main yarn cast on 64 sts. and work across these to close the neck hole, work remaining 117 sts..
Work until piece measures 37 in. ending with a WSR. Next row cast off first and last 84 sts..
Work until piece measures 54 in. from front hem, bind off all sts. evenly and sew up side seams.
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. (If you make any interesting versions, I'd love to hear about them.)

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