Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More about linen stitch

I'm in like with my linen stitch.
It works really nicely on cotton, makes just the fabric I've been searching for - dense but flat, with a nice drape, not stretchy. I have about an inch done, tried to take a picture, it looked like crud so I scrapped it. Maybe tomorrow I'll a.) have more to take a snap of b.) be able to go outside (huge rainstorm right now).
So I was tooling about to see other people's pictures of linen stitch, and found some really nice ones. The stitch looks quite different in wool, lighter and more textured and look what it can do with color! Here's another one. Sort of has bohus feel to it, doesn't it?
Sometimes the simplest things can just knock your socks off. I'd never have thought something so simple could be so cool.
Silly me.

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