Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sorry, see if this makes sense to you (it did to me at the time)

When I was a kid, my favorite TV show was Get Smart. Hands down, best show ever. I wanted to grow up to be a spy and work with Maxwell Smart and talk into my shoe. Maybe not the shoe part, but maybe you can understand the fascination when I was 7 or so????
I thought Max was hilarious. And tonight, my knitting sort of started speaking to me in his voice.
Me: You think you've got me, but I have this whole intarsia thing under control. Yes, all 600 little strings of it.
Sweater: I don't believe you.
Me: Would you believe I'll be sewing on buttons before I turn 50?
Sweater: No.
Me: How about we call the cat over and see how tough you are then?

You see, I cast on for the sleeves tonight, so I'm now knitting across from cuff to cuff, about 280 stitches, so running about 170 individual pieces of yarn to make the designs (most between 3 and 9 feet long, hence that rat's nest you see in the picture). Weaving in ends as I go, trying to keep the tension correct, attempting to keep the colors random.

Would you believe I fear my own knitting basket?
Yes, Max, I sure would.


  1. Wow!! You show that knitting who's boss!!

  2. Show it who's boss? Sadly, no. Would you believe I haven't picked the darn thing up since posting that???