Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Any suggestions? Or: Are these colors too light to go with the coal?

These pictures actually do catch the colors of this hand painted DK merino pretty well. Nice, they make me think of tropical water, mermaids, that sort of thing, but muted. I like to pair nice bright multi colors with black or dark grey for a strong contrast, but I think this solid coal DK merino might be too strong.
I'm picturing using this hand painted for a boxy jacket sort of thing, with interesting buttons and the edgings would all be knit the selvage, purl one row (or do a picot fold) and then knit up from this edge. I did this on the Northern Lights sweater, and now that I look at it, this would seem to be Northern lights in reverse. Maybe I should try a little harder.
I'm not crazy about cables in hand painted yarn, but maybe this is subtle enough to work. Or perhaps something worked from wrist to wrist, I haven't done one of those in maybe 7 years. That could work, the flow of the pattern could pick up on the changes in color of the yarn, really try and bring out the tropical water element. I'd have to alternate all three of the skeins I dyed to keep minor variations from showing up in the finished sweater.

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  1. Thanks for your nice comments about my mitten post!
    To answer your question on colors here, I would say go for it. I like the idea of the two together, reminds me of winter at dusk. Very pretty.