Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Yay, it came in the mail (and other thoughts)

The colors of the beads don't show up so well in this snap, but they match the mermaid green fingering weight silk and merino I dyed Monday. I'm thinking about a lace scarf. As luck would have it, I have tiny little crochet hooks that I inherited from my husband's great-grandmother, along with lots of knitting needles. I had no clue what to do with the 2.4 lb. of crochet hooks at the time, but now I look forward to using some of them and thinking of Eunice, who I never really go to know.
On another note, a design note I suppose, do you ever have an idea that keeps cropping up on you until it just seems like you must make whatever it is? A really lovely top appeared in the le bouton catalog sometime back - I just love it. I asked Lisa if she was okay with my making some kind of adaptation of it, and she said that was okay with her. Then I was looking statcounter and looking at who looks at my stuff - and how very cool, there is a blog in Denmark that links to mine (thanks so much, what a cool compliment that is) - the author does really lovely spinning, but I can't return the favor and read it (lazy American). I've tried some translation software, and I can get some but I think both idiomatics and diacritics are against me. But I spent some time checking out other blogs she links to and I found this (scroll down to the entry for 4/28/08). Pretty similar, hun? I think both are beautiful, simple, and accentuate the neck in a way that appeals to me.
So what's my point? Maybe after I finish up Soryu (yes, I'm back at that, too, I've spun almost a whole other bobbin to ply) I'll get myself some nice natural brown grey and spin up enough to make a fishing shirt that pays homage to these 2 lovely designs.

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